Hamza Law Firm provides efficient advice and assistance services for all branches of Tunisian tax law:

We assist our clients in resolving tax issues arising in the context of project creation, restructuring and tax audit.

In addition, we provide the necessary advice regarding income tax, taxes and accounting, and we support companies in their approach to tax optimization.

Tax advice

Hamza Law Firm Hamza Law Firm deals with the tax issues of the various activities of international trading companies.

We provide legal advice and tailored services following the specific needs of businesses by working with our network of partners abroad.

Our services cover international transactions activities, tax and customs issues, import-export. In addition, we assist our customers in the application of compliance rules, competition law, rules of international trade in goods, customs regulations, as well as bank guarantees.

Tax audit

Our assistance covers the entire pre-litigation phase of the tax audit and we defend the taxpayer after tax adjustment before the tax authorities:

  • Recovery and limitation periods
  • Return of overpayments, preliminary verification of declarations deeds and writings
  • In-depth audit of the tax situation.
  • Automatic taxation

Tax litigation

We represent our clients in judicial remedies in tax matters before the courts in the following cases:

  • Litigation of the tax base
  • Establishment of tax after tax audit
  • Tax recovery
  • Tax litigation related to the declaration and payment of tax
  • Tax litigation related to invoices and movement documents
  • Tax litigation in accounting and reporting to the tax authorities
  • Tax litigation on tax evasion
  • Defense against dumping, counterfeit seizure, subsidies
  • Litigation on VAT, penalties, fines
  • Prosecution and Transaction of Criminal Tax Offenses
  • Customs criminallitigation