Hamza Law Firm benefits from long-standing experience in the various services related to patents and has established a network of international partners in industrial property to offer the appropriate services in this area.

The patent is granted for new inventions involving an inventive step and susceptible of industrial application. Our expertise covers a wide variety of technological and industrial fields including the following business sectors:

  • Medical and pharmaceutical technology
  • Life sciences and health
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Information and communication technologies
  • mechanical engineering
  • General industry

We intervene in the protection of inventions by treating all the legal aspects related to patents:

Hamza Law Firm is authorized to use international databases to carry out anteriority search for the patentability of inventions. Also, one can assess the level of protection of a patent and allow companies to exploit new technical opportunities..

The drafting of patents requires a very specialized qualification. The inventors of complex or multi-technological products use our know-how for the drafting of patent claims.

Hamza Law Firm has extensive experience in the patent filing process and ensures its follow-up from the application stage to the issue, in Tunisia and abroad.

  • Regular reports are provided to our clients on the evolution of patent registration procedures including review procedures, notifications from specialized agencies for the regularization of applications and publication.
  • Filing of patents in national offices (INNORPI, INPI, USPTO) as well as regional and international offices (OEB, OEAB, OAPI, ARIPO, OMPI )…
  • Validation of  European patents (EP validation) in Tunisia.
  • Carrying out the two main phases of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) procedure, which includes the international phase of the filing of the international application and subsequently the national phase of international application to the Office of each Contracting State named in the application.

Patent protection is maintained while effective long-term management through renewal of annuity payments is ensured. We advise our customers of dates and renewal fees as directed by administrative agencies. We register modifications that may occur throughout the period of validity of the patent on the registers of offices.

Hamza Law Firm provides commercial advice in the field of industrial property. Contracts are negotiated and drafted, such as the transfer agreement, license agreement, coexistence agreement and technology transfer. Thus, different commercial transactions would allow our customers to increase the exploitation of their inventions.

Hamza Law Firm benefits from long-standing experience in patent litigation and arbitration. We take care of the legal and technical aspects of litigation, mainly counterfeiting, in several sectors of activity (biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, information and communication technologies and many others).

Since patented products or processes are characterized by scientific and technical complexity, a thorough knowledge of the technical aspects is necessary to optimize the applications to the courts in question.s.

To prevent and deal with counterfeit and patent rights litigation, we provide a multitude of specialized services, consulting and litigation:

  • Writing formal notices and warning letters
  • Protection and defense against counterfeiting
  • Patent Litigation and Arbitration
  • Customs procedures: We carry out patent declarations to the local customs authorities, as well as the follow-up of customs clearance suspension procedures in case of infringement.

Hamza Law Firm assists companies in the application of patent portfolio management strategies. It helps to maintain and optimize the portfolio while ensuring the compliance of the patenting activities with the national and international objectives of the company.

We are experienced in the field of industrial property auditing. We carry out patent audit in merger-acquisition or asset valuation transactions.

We offer training sessions for lawyers, engineers, researchers, academics, students and any professional concerned with patent law. The training covers the patentability, the conditions of ownership and the related financial modalities, employees’ inventions, filing procedures, the rights and obligations arising from the patent, the methods of exploitation (assignment, license), counterfeiting and border measures.Learn more →.

Plant Varieties

Hamza Law Firm offers you its expertise in the protection of plant innovations.

We assist you in the protection of plant varieties through the follow-up of formalities from the application for registration in the register of new varieties of plants until the issue of the certificate and the payment of annual fees.


New plant varieties can be discovered or created and result from a particular genetic process or a particular composition of hereditary processes. They must differ from any other plant group, and must constitute an autonomous entity with regard to its multiplicative capacity.

The Plant Variety Certificate (PVC) is issued for the new, distinct, uniform and stable recognized plant variety (DUS)

Our services

  • Completion of the formalities for filing applications for plant variety protection.
  • Follow-up of registration and examination procedures with Offices,
  • Control of deadlines to ensure the maintenance of protection and payment of annuities
  • Drafting of related operating contracts (license, transfer, …)
  • Registration of changes of ownership in the National Register of New Varieties of Plants
  • We ensure the defense of rights of the breeder holding the plant breeders’ certificate, the beneficiary of the exploitation right or the beneficiary of a compulsory exploitation license against any infringement of counterfeit seeds, seedlings and plant varieties.

Topography of integrated circuits

Hamza Law Firm  provides advice and assistance for the protection of integrated circuit layout designs, including the preparation of registration applications.

Integrated circuit technology is at the core of modern technologies and has a significant impact on most sectors of industry, communication, entertainment, medicine and space. It has therefore become necessary to protect innovations in this technological field, on both national and international levels.

The topography of integrated circuits can be protected to the extent that it results from an innovative intellectual effort. The Act does not protect the topographies already prevalent among topographers or integrated circuits manufacturers.

In some cases, certain integrated circuits, such as RAMs and ROMs, may also be protected under the copyright law.

Other aspects of integrated circuits such as the structure and mode of operation of electronic circuits incorporated in integrated circuits or industrial processes used to manufacture integrated circuits are patentable as industrial processes.

The registration of layout-designs of integrated circuits entitles its holder an exclusive right to exploit his layout-designs and to prohibit any person from using or exploiting them without his authorization.