Hamza Law Firm assists its clients in the fields of Media, audiovisual and advertising.

The media and advertising sectors require support that covers all stages of their activities from constitution, production and distribution. As specialists in intellectual property, our services are provided to protect and defend cinematographic  and audiovisual works and productions. For this purpose, we put at your disposal all our experience in the negotiation, advice and preparation of contracts. We also take charge of cases of counterfeiting and piracy of audiovisual works.

We assist our clients with issues related to the creation of new means of communication and distribution. Our solutions are adapted and tailored to enable artists and producers in the sector to manage the economic issues of their works.

Audiovisual Law

Hamza Law Firm ensures the establishment of the legal framework necessary for the constitution of audiovisual production companies and handles litigation relating to audiovisual production with the competent courts.

We help you choose the most appropriate solutions for your needs, such as the choice of financing methods and the type of company.

Effective assistance is provided to the producers and collaborators of the audiovisual work, including the author of the adaptation, the author of the script and the author of the spoken text, the author of the musical compositions with or without words specially produced for the work as well as the director.

droit audiovisuel

We are expert in the preparation of contracts for the production, distribution, publishing, purchase, sale as well  as in the assistance in the drafting of a code of ethics for all types of professions:

  • For film set technicians: production manager contract, art director contract, director of photography contract, audiovisual editor’s contract, cameraman’s contract, machinist contract, propane contract, general manager’s contract, script contract, costume designer’s contract, lighting designer’s contract, sound master’s contract, sound assistant’s contract, director assistant’s contract.
  • For film, media and audiovisual production professionals: scriptwriter contract, fantasy writer contract, director contract, casting director contract, actor contract, stunt contract.
  • For cartoon professionals: cartoon and cartoon project contract, voice-over-actor contract, animation company contract in three dimensions.

Advertising law

Hamza Law Firm assists you with the protection of your advertising works through our expertise in intellectual property law by the right of author, the right of the designs, the law of the marks and by action in unfair or parasitic competition .

Advertising is about praising the quality and usefulness of products or services using different media such as posters, the press, radio, television, movies and online communication services.

We assist you in choosing the most suitable solutions for your advertising and commercial communication (product placement, sponsorship) through an assistance in the drafting of agency-advertiser contracts, agency contracts  or  contracts to directly purchase advertising space…