Hamza Law Firm specializes in proprietary registration and portfolio management procedures with in-depth expertise in the field of trademarks.

The brand is a distinctive sign that guarantees consumers the identity of a product or service. Several forms of marks are possible such as a name, pseudonym, emblem, numbers, letters. It must be distinctive and available.

Trademark counterfeiting Tunisia

We actively accompany you for registration, obtaining rights, customs clearance, portfolio management and litigation. Regular monitoring is also part of our expertise.

Our range of specialized brand services includes :

Hamza Law Firm carries out availability searches in trademark registers. Preliminary research is an essential step in choosing your brand, in order to avoid the violation of the rights of third parties. The results of the research are provided in relevant and detailed reports.

We have a long experience in filing procedures and in the follow-up of the applications of trademarks marks before specialized offices. The filing of both national and international trademarks under the trademark protection system of Madrid is carried out by several national, regional or international intellectual property offices and organizations, including KIPO ,  OAPIARIPO , EUIPO  , CTPO , WIPO

We follow step-by-step review procedures from the filing of the application to the issuance of the registration certificate. In addition, we track the evolution of our customers’ brands by registering changes to the registers of offices. To this end, we ensure the registration of modification of assignment, merger, license, change of name or address.

Hamza Law Firmis highly qualified in drafting trademark contracts. We master the negotiation and drafting of the coexistence agreements, cession, license and franchise.

Our monitoring service is highly efficient and adapted to the needs of our customers. We make sure to detect any infringements in trademark applications. Our clients are notified in time, if requested we intervene by opposition.

We monitor counterfeit products on the market and on the internet through:

  • Inspections and surveys of markets, stores and warehouses
  • Assistance from public authorities in raids on markets, stores, warehouses and wholesale stores.
  • The purchase of samples for the purpose of identification and collection of evidence with bailiff’s report.
  • The drafting and filing of criminal and / or civil complaints related thereto within the prescribed deadlines.
  • The writing of expert reports
  • Monitoring of local market distributors on the websites, followed by the necessary measures under client instruction such as sending warning and notice letters, writing agreements, or introducing legal action

The filing of opposition or counter-objections are initiated within the statutory deadlines.
Regular reports are provided to our clients on the evolution of trademark opposition procedures including the drafting and exchange of applications and participation in conciliation / negotiation meetings.

We are committed to managing the oppositions effectively by reducing costs and following the interests of our clients.

Hamza Law Firm has expertise in managing and enhancing the intellectual property of the company by adopting the best asset protection strategies. The portfolio audit is carried out in the context of mergers and acquisitions transactions, valuation of assets or in order to avoid possible fragilities or unnecessary expenses, to propose assignments or licenses. We aim for optimized portfolio management that meets the economic challenges of the company.

Maintaining brand protection depends on regular renewal following a fixed schedule. We manage the control of the deadlines of your renewals which guarantees the prolongation of the term of protection of the mark. For this, we will notify our customers of the dates and fees of future payments at a certain pace adapted to each company.

Hamza Law Firm specializes in industrial property litigation. We represent our clients in trademark law disputes in the context of administrative, judicial and arbitration proceedings.

In collaboration with our network of partners abroad, we start all sorts of disputes relating to the protection of trademarks, trade and services, both domestic and foreign; such as actions for infringement, unfair competition, annulment, claim, revocation and appeal against the decisions of the industrial property offices concerning the issue or rejection of trademarks.

In the context of border measures, we represent our customers owning registered trademarks, suspecting an import or export transaction involving counterfeit marks, to submit to customs a request for the suspension of goods release at the national border.

We provide for our customers, as part of anti-counterfeiting, the following services:

  • Filing of requests for customs supervision and follow-up of procedures of suspension goods release in case of counterfeiting
  • Monitoring and assisting customs officers and sworn public officials during the infringement detection and seizure of counterfeit goods in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce.
  • Assisting in the identification of counterfeit products.
  • Filing an application for seizure
  • Criminal procedure following search of goods in stores and warehouses
  • Civil judicial procedure following a customs seizure.
  • The writing of expert reports
  • Organization of the storage, transport and destruction of counterfeit goods.

Hamza Law Firm Hamza Law Firm provides specialized training in trademarks. Our courses are addressed to lawyers, corporate lawyers, industrialists, investors and any professional concerned with the different aspects of trademark law.

The training covers the acquisition and maintenance of the rights to the trademark, the filing procedures and the related financial procedures, the rights conferred by the registration, the contracts for the exploitation of the mark (license transfer, contribution to a company, pledge), the famous brand, the collective mark, trademark infringement, cancellation or claim of the mark, the measures at the borders.


Fashion has for a long time been an important part of peoples’ everyday lifes. It is one of the most influential industries in the world. Constant creativity  in short periods of time is the key to success in this highly competitive industry. Faced to the danger of counterfeiting, it is crucial to have your creations protected.

Hamza Law Firm is specialized in all aspects of intellectual property  and has a team experienced in the fashion industry to help you create your business and maintain its success. We represent every person and company involved in the fashion business, including fashion houses, artistic directors, designers, couturiers, stylists, garment workers, embroiderers, models, fashion show planners, production managers, manufacturers, retailers, importers and exporters…etc.

Our areas of intervention cover all matters related to the fashion industry domestically and internationally including:

  • Fashion company creation
  • Contract drafting
  • Factoring Agreements
  • Import, export and custom matters
  • Dispute resolution through litigation, mediation and arbitration regarding matters related to the fashion business like IP disputes and unfair competition
  • Trademark, trade dress, design patents, licensing and copyright registration, enforcement and defense

Domain names

Hamza Law Firm Hamza Law Firm provides all trademark and domain name protection procedures and collaborates with experienced partners abroad for comprehensive protection of its clients’ interests.

The domain name is an identifier of the Internet domain that is given to designate and locate a website on the internet.

Like the brand, the domain nameis a distinctive sign that allows the company to stand out on the web to promote its brand image and expand the market for its products or services online.

We accompany our customers in the choice and registration of the domain name which must be preceded by a preliminary search to ensure its availability.

We accompany our customers in the choice and registration of the domain name which must be preceded by a preliminary search to ensure its availability.
Furthermore, we intervene in the resolution of disputes in the context of administrative procedures (ICANN), litigation and arbitration ( UDRP) guaranteeing the interest of our customers in case of counterfeiting and unfair competition.